Brilliant Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

Protect Your Plants

Plants winter


Expecting a cold front? Protect tender plants from overnight frost by gently tying a plastic bag around them. The plastic buffer will keep the harsh wind and chill at bay by trapping warm air inside to insulate roots and branches.Make “Plarn” for Household Crafts



If you’re crafty and enjoy knitting or crocheting, you can turn grocery bags into plastic yarn (or plarn) to use in a zillion-and-one projects. Just lay your bags flat and cut across, top to bottom (discarding the handles), to create loops. Knot the loops together to create a long strand of material, then roll the strand into a ball and use it to create coasters, placemats, reusable bags, rugs, plant hangers, or any other creative notion your mind invents.

Line Your Trash Cans

Trash can


Plastic grocery bags are the perfect size to line small trash cans in the bedroom and bathroom. Keep a stash of old grocery bags in an empty tissue box in your pantry or under the sink. You can easily grab one anytime you need a new garbage bag.

Create Textured Paint Surfaces

Textured paint


Faux finishers, take note! Many painting and glazing techniques can be achieved with the help of a recycled grocery bag. Cover a clean paint roller with a plastic bag, then roll it in paint and apply to the wall to create a textured effect, or achieve a faux leather look by taking a wadded up plastic bag to a coat of glaze to create random patterns.

Line a Paint Tray

Paint tray

Paint tray liners, the kind that can be slipped in and out of a paint tray to simplify post-painting clean-up, have become quite popular with DIYers. Convenient as they are, you don’t need a store-bought liner to achieve a mess-free paint job. Instead, line your paint tray with a plastic bag. Pour the paint into the tray, paint, and (when you’re done) remove the bag for effortless clean-up.

Sew Reusable Sandwich Wraps

Plastic sandwich wrap


Sew your own reusable sandwich wraps and you’ll not only recycle your plastic grocery bags, but avoid using plastic ziplock bags. First, fuse several layers of grocery bag plastic together by ironing them between layers of parchment paper. Then, sew your plastic sheet to a piece of cloth—the plastic side will form the liner of the wrapper. Attach some velcro and you’ll have a pocket to pack your sandwiches in that is both adorable and earth-friendly

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